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Attention Notice 108-8 Area: Suffolk County has distributed Access Agreement documents to each homeowner in the 108-8 Area including additional information for signing. Access Agreements must be signed and notarized by the homeowner by May 31st, 2022, before construction may begin.

World in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower hold infinity in the palm hour

Post-Sandy infrastructure repairs along Carlls River will aid the environment and increase resiliency, analyst said of replacing culverts and building a storm water treatment wetland.

Capital Budget plan aimed at our future

On April 15, I unveiled my proposed 2017-2019 Capital Budget and Program. While this capital budget supports critical infrastructure and economic development initiatives needed to support a prosperous future for Suffolk County, borrowing levels for serial bonds in 2017 are lower than both the 2015 and 2016 Adopted Capital Budgets.

County takes next step to advance four historic sewer projects

Suffolk County Executive Bellone announced that the County has executed design contracts for four key sewer projects that comprise the $388 million Suffolk County Coastal Resiliency Initiative.

Suffolk In Line For $388M Sewer Project

In what’s being proffered as a response to the historic flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy, $388 million in state and federal funds will flow into Suffolk County to expand sanitary service to over 8,000 parcels of land currently utilizing on-site septic systems.